Frequently Asked Questions 


Why Should i use Bliss Babysitting?

We are here to make things easier for you. We do everything in our power to take the stress of finding a trustworthy, engaging and lovable sitter away. The state of Virginia has no required standards for temporary childcare. Therefore, unless you spend hours screening and vetting babysitting candidates, you can’t be sure what kind of sitter you will be getting. Most families search for sitters on sites that do not require CPR certification, background checks, drug tests or experience. Booking through Bliss guarantees all of the above! Additionally, we require our sitters to provide 3 childcare related references and a separate letter of reference.  We make it our priority to personally interview all of our sitters. By using Bliss Babysitting you can be sure that you are being referred to a high-quality sitter for your child(ren). 

Where/when does Bliss Babysitting operate? 

Currently, we operate in Hampton Roads, Virginia but we will be expanding to other states in the near future. Our babysitters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holiday's (additional fees apply). 



How qualified are our babysitters?

All of the babysitters on our team have at least 3 years of experience in caring for children and are at least 18 years old. Most of our babysitters are college or graduate students majoring in a variety of fields (education, pre-med, psychology, criminal justice, business, economics, teaching, etc.). We have professional nannies, lifeguards, Emergency Medical Technicians and school teachers. Quite a few have taken Child Development classes and all simply love children. We offer bilingual sitters, older babysitters as well as teachers who specialize in children with special needs. Our childcare providers’ experience, references and talents speak for themselves. 

Will I know anything about my sitter before they arrive?

Once the sitter is chosen, a detailed profile including his or her full name, biography and photo will be sent by email after confirming your booking. 


The sitters contact information will be provided once you confirm your booking. Clients are more than welcome to contact their sitter via text or phone. Please leave a message if your sitter does not answer and allow 24 hours for them to return your call.

Can I meet with my sitter prior to my reservation?


Clients can set up an appointment to meet with their assigned sitter prior to the booking. Additional fees may apply. Families may speak with their sitter by phone at no additional fee.



How do I book a sitter?

Clients may BOOK A BABYSITTER online by filing out our reservation form. For last minute reservations we ask that you give us a call at (347) 669-8773 . Bookings must be for a minimum of 3 hours, if you do not use the full three hours, you will be billed for the three-hour minimum. 


Once your reservation is reviewed, confirmed and accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your sitter’s name, number and brief description. A few days prior to your reservation date, your scheduled sitter will reach out to you through your preferred method of contact to confirm again.


What is your booking fee?

The booking fee is required in order to secure your reservation. Booking fee's are paid one time only per booking. 

Single Booked in Home Reservations 

$10 For bookings scheduled more than 24 hours in advance.

$20 For bookings scheduled less than 24 hours in advance. 



Single Booked Hotel Reservations

$15 For bookings scheduled more than 24 hours in advance.

$25 For bookings scheduled less than 24 hours in advance.


For Multiple Bookings please contact us.



What is your hourly rate?

All sits will be charged at least a three-hour minimum. Babysitters will be paid through the company directly. Tipping is not required but always appreciated and can be paid directly to the sitter! 


For 1 child:       $14.00 per hour

For 2 children: $16.00 per hour

For 3 children: $18.00 per hour

For 4 children: $20.00 per hour

Reservations that exceed 8 hours: +$5.00 per hour

Reservations that pass 10:00 pm +$5.00 per hour

Meet the sitter rate: $20 per hour (1 hour minimum)


Time & Half Rate:
Easter Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day

*Snow storms that cause school closings*


Double Rate:
Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day.

When should I book my sitter?

We ask that you book your reservation with as much notice as possible. Booking a sitter with at least 24 hours notice is suggested. Last-minute reservations are based on sitter availability and additional fees may apply. We recommend scheduling the sitter to arrive at least 15 minutes before you have to leave.

Can I request the same sitter every time?

We will always try to book the same sitter for a returning client (unless notified otherwise). We ask that you please book your reservation with as much notice as possible so that the same sitter can be arranged. We cannot guarantee that the same sitter will always be available. 

What is nanny sharing?

Nanny sharing is when two or more (up to three)  families share a sitter at the same time in order for children from different families to play together. It is convenient for parents that have friends with similar schedules or reservation times. 


Bookings must be for a minimum of 3 hours, if you do not use the full three hours, you will be billed for the three-hour minimum. 

What if I only need to book a sitter for an hour or two?
Do I always need to book the sitters through bliss babysitting?

Reservations must be booked directly through Bliss Babysitting. Our sitters are under a non-negotiable contract and they will not work for any client (or third party) outside of Bliss Babysitting. The sitters respect their jobs, commitments, and agreements and we hope you will too.




The sitter assigned to your family will already have a description of your expectations based on the information provided at the time of reservation. The sitter will also have a form for you to complete at the end of the booking. We recommended that you have your instructions and requests and any other important details that were not included on the reservation form written or printed out for the sitter prior to the sitters arrival. Please be detailed. We recommend scheduling the sitter to arrive at least 15 minutes before you have to leave to review and familiarize the sitter with your instructions and your home.

How should I give the sitter instructions?

Sitters will not clean, do laundry, drive with you or your children in any car, run errands, make deliveries, give medication, supervise medications or allow anyone not pre-authorized by the client into the home or hotel room.



What is your Cancellation/Modification PolicY?

We strictly enforce a 24-hour cancellation and modification policy for all reservations. There is a 72-hour cancellation and modification policy for reservations with multiple babysitters, for groups, special rates, travel and for holidays (New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, Valentines Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).  If the reservation is canceled or modified with less than the required 24 or 72 hours notice, then the minimum, 3 hours, will be charged to the credit card provided at the time the reservation was made. Cancellations and modifications may only be made by corresponding with the company directly at 347-669-8773 or during normal business hours . 

What If there is bad weather, our plane is delayed or our event is cancelled, ETC?

Bliss Babysitting's cancellation policy will apply. There are no exceptions. Please try to give as much advance notice for cancellations as possible. 



All payments are made by credit card. You are charged from the time that the sitter arrives until the time that you come home (to the quarter of the hour). Once your reservation is confirmed you will receive a Credit Card Authorization Form which must be filled out and returned prior to your scheduled reservation. At the end of the reservation, your sitter will have a service form for you to sign. Once signed, the sitter submits the form and the balance is charged to your card. Credit card receipts are sent automatically by email so please ensure that you have provided us with the correct email address.

how Does Payment Work?
Can sitters accept tips?

Yes! Please feel free to tip your sitter directly if you feel she/he has gone “above and beyond” for your family. If you would like to include a tip on your invoice, please leave a note on the service form stating so and include the amount of tip you decided to include. Sitters prefer that the gratuity be given in cash but we are also able to process tips by credit card.



It is imperative that Bliss Babysitting is notified when a child is sick. Additional fees apply for sick children. Sitters are not permitted to administer medicine of any kind. Please notify us when booking your reservation so that we can make sure that we provide you the best care. If a sitter arrives and is unable to care for your child because an illness or special need was not specified, you will be billed for a cancelled reservation.

What if my child is sick?
Can My Child have a playdate?

Please let us know if there will be more children in the home or hotel room than originally scheduled. We will need detailed information on all of the children present and emergency contact information to insure their safety. Additional fees will apply.


Do you have a question that is not on the FAQ? Feel free to contact us.